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Captain Jack_kelly yates

People have been asking me when am I going to illustrate a Captain Jack Harkness piece, well, wait no longer. Pencils, inks and colors by me. Enjoy!


DW: Prisoners of Time lineart pgs. 1-5

dw_prisoners_1_5The first 5 pages of lineart from DW: Prisoners of Time #12. Enjoy!


Doctor Who Sketch Covers

dw_sketch coversColor marker illustrations of the 10th and 11th Doctor’s the DW: Prisoners of Time #12 sketch covers. Available on eBay!

10th Doctor
11th Doctor


G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Back in 2010 Hasbro tasked me with developing character designs for second GI Joe movie. The characters they had me work on were Snake-Eyes, Firefly and a new character called GI Joe. They wanted to see everything from realistic to cartoony and over the top.

gijoe_movie_firefly gijoe_movie_gi joe gijoe_movie_snake-eyes


Jedi Padawan

Padawan SithI’m getting excited about the new Star Wars movies arriving next year! Supposedly, some of the storyline is going to revolve around a Jedi Academy under the guidance of Luke Skywalker.

Well, since I haven’t been invited to work on a Star Wars movie, I thought it would fun to create a Jedi Padawan I’d like to see run around on the big screen. The idea of someone from the Sith species training to become a Jedi Master developed because of the conflicting elements of his evil origins and desire to follow the light side of the Force. Plus, his red skin against a blue lightsaber would really pop!

Okay, geek moment is done.


4th Doctor and K-9

4th Doctor and K-9

The 4th Doctor illustration…FINALLY!

It’s alway fun to see how a piece of art will evolve from the initial design. This piece originally didn’t have K9 and was suppose to have a red Gallifrey background, but then I started tweaking the colors and the golden green color scheme just seemed to make everything pop.

I’d eventually like to do something like this for all the Doctor’s. I just need to find the time. Hope you enjoy!


My Doctor

dw_ottawa comicconWhen anyone asks me which Doctor is my favorite I always go with the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker! I love watching all the incarnations of the Doctor, but I have such fond memories growing up in the late 70′s and discovering this odd fellow with an incredibly long scarf, traveling in something called a TARDIS. Needless to say, I was excited when the opportunity arose to work on this exclusive cover for the Ottawa Comic Con featuring the 4th Doctor!

Obviously I had to incorporate the Ottawa Parliament and other elements to make it Canadian, but I also wanted to find a way to work in the Jelly Babies. Somehow the idea to make the Jelly Babies Maple leaf shaped popped into my head and there you have it. Good luck finding one though, they were limited to 500 copies for VIP pass holders.


Prisoners of Time


If you need a reason to pick up issue #12 of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, then maybe this double-page spread will give you a taste of what’s waiting for you inside! All 11 Doctor’s in one time, one space. There’s also almost EVERY companion from the series in there as well.

It was great working on this last issue with Scott Tipton & David Tipton, Charlie Kirchoff and my editor, Denton Tipton! It felt a little like redemption for me after working on Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6. The deadline for that issue was terrible and I never felt like I did justice to Tony Lee’s script.

Hope you enjoy!


Deadwood Doc

doctorwho_deadwood_kellyyatesThis is the retailer variant cover for Doctor Who #14, quite possibly the last cover I’ll be doing for IDW’s Publishing run. Sad as that is, I feel blessed to be illustrating the final issue of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time! More about that later!

For this Western inspired piece I wanted to go for something more tonal and pull in colors I don’t normally try. Orange and purple compliment each other so I thought that might be a great place to start and it just fell into place after that. Being able to lean on one or two colors that pull all the various elements together is one of my new and favorite techniques.

I also took this opportunity to incorporate my wife and kids’ names into the background. Hopefully, the kids’ will appreciate it someday!





Wibbly~Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

doctor_amy pondThis is a commission I did of the 10th Doctor and Amy Pond that I was suppose to have finished at Baltimore Comic Con 2012. Unfortnately, I ran out of time at the show and had to bring it home to finish. Which means, back-burner. Sad, but true. When I was first asked to combine Amy and the 10th Doctor, I had to triple-check that’s they actually wanted since Amy only traveled with the 11th Doctor. However, being Doctor Who, wibbly~wobbly, timey-wimey, it could certainly happen.

Mission accomplished, I think!