The Art of Kelly Yates

Graphic Designer by day, comic book artist by night.


DragonCon – Sept 1-4, 2017 (Atlanta, GA)

Baltimore Comic Con– Sept 22-24, 2017 (Baltimore, MD)

Fayetteville Comicon – Oct 21-22, 2017 (Fayetteville, NC)


Event Organizers ~ If you’re interested in me attending your event, please feel free to contact me.

4 Responses to APPEARANCES

  1. Scott black says:

    Missed you at timegate! You

  2. lewis owens says:

    Hey kelly!
    When I was a young kid I got one of my very first starwars posters from a store in Greensboro NC called Acme Comics. I’m not sure if your the same guy who drew it but if it is I’d love to bring to you to have you sign it again after all these years

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