The Art of Kelly Yates

Graphic Designer by day, comic book artist by night.


Kawaii Doctor Who Shirt

kelly_kawaii_shirtlabelSwing by Hot Topic and pick up the new Kawaii style 13 Doctors shirt with artwork by me. The inside label now features my signature, personal website and credit for creating artwork! Welcome to “Brand Kelly Yates”! haha!

I’m honored that Titan Merchandising and the BBC credited me, because they don’t have to folks. Many thanks to the awesome Andrew Sumner and Matt Buss at Titan for making it happen!

Hopefully, this is the tip of the Kawaii style iceberg! You can order yours HERE



And now for something completely different… Metamorpho commission!



Ace & 7th Doctor

7th Doctor_AceJust in time for Pensacon, the 7th Doctor print now with Ace!


That’s a lot of Doctor’s (and companions)

Titan_Tshirt_CompanionsHere’s the t-shirt artwork I did for Titan Merchandising and first sold at SDCC. All the Doctor’s and almost all the companions! Whew, it was A LOT to reference! I might have to find time to add in those missing companions though. Have a great weekend!


Torchwood #2.3 Cover

Torchwood 2.3Here’s my newest Torchwood cover for #2.3 on sale Feb 2017! Written by Captain Jack himself – John Barrowman – and Carole Barrowman.

You can order copies of the issue from your local comic book store by Dec 30th. Stores use order code, COVER C: KELLY YATES – DEC161933

Hope you like, because I like working on them!


River Song Original Illustration

River SongThis auction is for a one-of-kind original illustration of River Song byme. Artwork was illustrated on 9” x 12” Strathmore Toned Tan paper with ink, markers and whitewash. Check it out HERE.




3rd Doctor & Bessie Cover

3rd Doctor Cover

Here’s my cover for the 3rd Doctor mini-series from Titan Comics!

Of course, being able to include Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Jo Grant and his faithful car, Bessie made working on this piece all that more fun. Cheers!


Doctor Who T-shirts and more

bts-band-001_1024x1024Doctor Who “Airband” and “Widescreen” shirts are now available for purchase. Male and female versions! You can also pick up some fabulous mugs too!



Torchwood Cover #4

torchwood_4_kellyyatesThis is my first cover for Torchwood, published by Titan Comics! This cover will be available on issue #4 of the new ongoing comic written by John and Carole Barrowman. If you’re familiar with the Torchwood storyline this picks up after the Exodus Code novel. Enjoy!


2nd Doctor & TARDIS

2th Doctor_kellyyatesThe 2nd Doctor and his TARDIS! I was inspired to put them in a tunnel after watching The Web of Fear. Although, I’ll probably go back and add Jamie McCrimmon to a version since Frazier Hines thought (threated me) that it might be a wonderful idea.