The Art of Kelly Yates

Graphic Designer by day, comic book artist by night.


SDCC Autograph Cards

SDCC 2017 Autogtaph Card

These are exclusive Kawaii Doctor Who autograph cards created for my signing out at SDCC last year. They were definitely cool to have on hand and I believe well received by the fans.


DOGtor Who

DOGtor WhoHere’s more Doctor Who artwork, er, DOGtor Who artwork for a Titan design. I’m not sure if this shirt is still available, but it might make a nice print some day! Inspired by Jenny Parks cat version.


Christmas TARDIS

Christmas TARDISJust in time for the Christmas season! The Holiday TARDIS t-shirt (and mug) I illustrated are now available at the BBC Shop.


Doctor Who Kawaii TITANS Prototypes

Doctor Who Kawaii Prototypes

Loving these Doctor Who Kawaii TITANS prototypes from #NYCC! On shelves January 2018.



Doctor Who KAWAII TITANSIt’s official, Doctor Who KAWAII TITANS based off my designs! Out January 2018!

“Times change… and so must I!”

The Time Lords are regenerating from an all-new dimension never seen before… the Kawaii TITANS dimension!
Titan Entertainment is super-excited to debut all twelve Doctors in a our all-new Kawaii TITANS format, designed by legendary Titan Comics Doctor Who cover artist Kelly Yates!
Adored for their differences as much as their shared sense of adventure, this collection is a brand-new homage to everything that makes our favourite Rebel Time Lords so eternally popular! Bringing together all iterations of the Doctor across five decades, this all-new Kawaii TITANS collection vinyl collection is just what the Doctor(s) ordered!
Each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and some come with a character-specific accessory.
PLUS: 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect (don’t worry, completists – no-one’s missing from this set)!
PLUS PLUS: one super-rare chase figure and one ultra-rare chase figure for you to hunt and collect – IF you can find them!

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Widescreen Who

Widescreen WhoThis I created this artwork for a Titan Doctor Who shirt that premiered at SDCC last year! Fun fact; the Gallifrayian type behind them spells out there names, Chris, David, Matt and Peter


Borderlands 2017 FCBD

Borderland_FCBD 2017I’m a little late posting this, but here’s my exclusive cover for Borderlands 2017 FCBD! I really enjoyed season 10 so being able to draw Bill and the Doctor was just “icing on the cake”.


11th Doctor & Villains

11th Doctor_VillainsI realized I have a backlog of Doctor Who pieces I haven’t posted yet. Anyway, here my 11th Doctor with villain’s illustration that’s a companion piece to the 10th version. Have a happy weekend everyone!


Kawaii Doctor Who Shirt

kelly_kawaii_shirtlabelSwing by Hot Topic and pick up the new Kawaii style 13 Doctors shirt with artwork by me. The inside label now features my signature, personal website and credit for creating artwork! Welcome to “Brand Kelly Yates”! haha!

I’m honored that Titan Merchandising and the BBC credited me, because they don’t have to folks. Many thanks to the awesome Andrew Sumner and Matt Buss at Titan for making it happen!

Hopefully, this is the tip of the Kawaii style iceberg! You can order yours HERE


Ace & 7th Doctor

7th Doctor_AceJust in time for Pensacon, the 7th Doctor print now with Ace!