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Thought Bubble 2016

Thought Bubble

It’s official; I’m attending Thought Bubble in Leeds, England on Nov 5-6. My first convention in the UK! I’m very excited (and a little nervous) figuring out everything I have to prepare for the trip. Yeah!!! More info HERE.


Land of the Lost

SleestakOne of my favorite shows growing up was Sid & Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost, so when Me TV started re-airing the episode last year I decided to work up a Sleestak piece in honor of it. Also, I got to meet most of the cast at SDCC last year which was a nice treat.


Doctor Who Comic Book Day 2016

DoctorWho_comic dayI’ll be spending my day at Borderlands Comics for Doctor Who Comic Book Day! Hope to see a lot of Whovians there!





I’m really excited to be attending HeroesCon for the first time in 3 years! I hope to catch up with a lot of great folks. Yeah, comic books!!! ‪#‎HeroesCon‬


MonstHer #2 on Comixology Submit

MonstHer #2The second chapter of my newest creator-owned series is now available through Comixology Submit! Please share, support and enjoy! HERE


MonstHer #1 on Comixology Submit

MonstHer #1
The first chapter of my newest creator-owned series is now available through Comixology Submit! Please share, support and enjoy HERE!


Air Band Who!

Borderland_FCBD 2016Air band Who, except for 12, he’s really rocking it! My newest Doctor Who cover was created exclusively for Borderland Comics Free Comic Book Day event. If you’re close to Greenville, SC, then stop by and pick up one. It’s FREE, but you should really shop around while you’re there because it’s a great way to support a local (and awesome) comic book store. Hope you enjoy!


Victorian 4th Doctor

Victorian 4th DoctorHere’s my newest illustration for Titan Comics’ 4th Doctor Who adventures. I was really excited when this came up since the 4th Doctor in “My Doctor”. This time around I included my youngest sons’ name in the background. It was only fair since I’d already included my wife and 2 older kids in previous covers.

Retailer can order now: Cover C: Kelly Yates – order code: MAR161676

I hope you enjoy, because they’ll be more…


More MonstHer…

MonstHer_2_1Until I’m able to post new Doctor Who artwork, please enjoy a page from chapter 2 of MonstHer. Awesome colors by John Rauch!


MonstHer colors

MonstHer_sampleChapter 2 of MonstHer is just about ready for release and I wanted tease a small sample of colors by John Rauch! Stay tuned…